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Repel water, stains and rejuvenate your outdoor clothing, with Fabric Protect!


Have your outdoor garments lost their mojo? Fear not! Muc-Off's Nano Fabric Protect Aerosol will quickly and safely restore any fabrics water repellency whilst leaving them shielded from everyday stains! Just like magic!


Once sprayed onto the surface of the garment you want to protect, Fabric Protect guards against fluids like water, tomato ketchup, honey, ice cream syrup, egg, oil and grime!


It's all down to Fabric Protect's invisible Hydrophobic coating, that's safe to use on all fabrics! Including leather, suede, cotton, polyester and breathable fabrics!

Muc-Off Fabric Protect

  • Colourless when dry, naturally air curing

    100% Hydrophobic water repellency with oil and stain protection

    Safe on breathable fabrics - No effect to flexibility or breathability

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