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Muc-Off Carbon Gripper does as its name suggests - helps carbon 'get a grip', so you don't ruin them by overtightening!


It's a fact of modern cycling life - carbon fibre bike parts slip. Whether it's your Carbon seatpost having a mind of its own or your Carbon stem is struggling to grip your handle bars, the crew at Muc-Off have come up with the answer: the all-new, highly advanced Carbon Gripper!


Put simply, the Muc-Off team have created a highly efficient carbon fibre assembly compound that is essential for preventing over-tightening and creating a secure ‘mating friction’ between carbon surfaces or indeed carbon to metal parts.


Designed for mechanics and riders building their own bike, the Muc-Off Carbon Gripper creates friction between carbon fibre clamping areas and lowers clamping torque, thus decreasing the chance of fatigue, internal fractures or the shortening of component life. 


So get your money’s worth out of your carbon fibre parts. Use Muc-Off Carbon Gripper.

Muc-Off Carbon Gripper

  • Keep Carbon parts gripped

    'Non slip' surface to surface formula

    Specifically designed for Carbon Fibre parts

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